How CBD can enhance your active lifestyle

CBD for Fitness Regimens

After a workout, you may be well aware of some of the following symptoms:

  • Pain with muscle movement
  • Stiffness in muscles and joints
  • A temporary reduction in muscle strength
  • Inflammation

You may have tried over-the-counter or prescription medications to alleviate your discomfort. Your concern about the potential side effects or chemical dependency may have you searching for a natural alternative to conventional pain relievers.

Since the World Anti-Doping Agency lifted its ban on CBD, many fitness professionals and athletes use CBD as the staple for their high-performance fitness regimens. Below are some of common reasons why:

1) Natural Appetite Control

In addition to physical improvements, cannabinoids help our Endocannabinoid system better regulate the hunger/reward mechanism within our brains. This mental process enables a person to better control their appetite and cravings which could aid in more effective weight management.

2) Get a Jitter-Free and High-Free Energy and Stamina Boost That Lasts

Unlike supplements and diet pills that contain caffeine and other chemicals, the all-natural approach provided by a hemp extract product provides a jitter-free boost that won’t keep you up at night.

Furthermore, the CBD from hemp contains only negligible amounts of THC (.3 percent). This is not enough THC for hemp oil to cause any type of psychtropic effect, even in very large amounts. Because it does not cause intoxication, CBD from hemp is classified as a dietary supplement and does not require a prescription for use.

3) Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory

Every time you exercise, you’re tearing your muscles and tissues. These microscopic tears are key to building strength, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. CBD can help reduce muscle pain by reducing the inflammation around the stressed areas.

When applied topically, CBD absorbs through the skin, mimicking the messengers and engaging the receptors of your endocannabinoid system. Topical CBD can be quite fast-acting. Since topical products absorbed through the skin, the cannabinoids bypass digestive processes. Many athletes prefer using topical CBD products because they can target specific areas of the body that are affected by overwork or injury. CBD is shown to inhibit the breakdown and encourage the production of anandamide, one of the endocannabinoids made by your body.  The more anandamide in your system the less pain you will feel.

4) Faster Recovery Time

CBD is made up of rare cannabinoids responsible for helping your body repair and rejuvenate itself. These processes could help you speed up the recovery time from intense workouts in order to prepare for the next one more effectively. They may also contribute to a decrease in stress and anxiety overall so that you are feel more prepared for each challenge during your regimen.

5) Muscle Gain

Cortisol is a hormone that reduces protein synthesis and actively prevents tissue growth. Excessive cortisol levels are usually the culprit when those who work out diligently fail to achieve the muscle building results they expected from their rigorous fitness routines. CBD has shown to help maintain a healthy cortisol balance.

6) Stress Relief and Brain Function

With stress and anxiety being linked, there is a possibility that CBD could reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress and, as a result, potentially boost your mood. And this could make for better workouts.

Your brain already naturally releases its own cannabinoids —called anandamide —to relieve inflammation and keep you comfortable. Exercising triggers this cannabinoid into overdrive so you can keep running, swimming, or cycling through the pain. Your brain works hard to keep you as comfortable as possible. Using CBD may promote this brain function and reduce your inflammation.

7) Rest and Focus

Another important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is getting enough sleep. If you aren’t sleeping properly, you aren’t functioning properly, and this means you won’t be able to get the most out of exercise. Many who use CBD claim that they sleep better at night, and are more alert and focused during the daytime.